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    DualLiner Real Truck Bed Protection.
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    A Bed Liner With The Hottest Price, The Hottest Protection, And The Hottest Looks!
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    Take an in depth look at which bed liner deserves to be in you truck, Bed Rug vs Dual Liner.

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DualLiner Shipping and Military Discount

DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

DualLiner Truck Bed Liner Shipping and Military Discount

The Dual Liner Truck Bed Liner has arrived. Dual Liner bed liners are a 5 piece plastic bed liner with an interlocking design boasting the truck bed protection industry’s only zero skid rubber mat. DualLiner’s 5 piece design is all about not only ease of installation but perfect function, as your custom molded pieces fit perfectly to the make and model of your truck, bolted in with the existing factory hardware already in your truck.

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What Good Is A Bed Liner If You Are Afraid To Use It!

Do you have a Spray On Bed Liner in your truck? Have you avoided carrying extreme cargo? What’s the point?

Spray Ons Are Not As Thick As A Dual Liner.

If you are looking at purchasing a bed liner, or if you have a delicate bed liner, and want the ability to carry any cargo even if it is extreme. Then the Dual Liner is for you. It protects your trucks finish and sheet metal against any harm caused by regular cargo, heavy cargo, and even extreme cargo. Dual Liners thick exact fit polyethylene panels keep your trucks painted finish in like new condition. I have seen first hand the damage done to Spray On’s caused by hauling a couple of landscape boulders home from the local home improvement store. This type of damage usually trains the truck owner to steer clear of transporting anything else that could have these potentially harmful effects.


The solution to problem is to get a bed liner that will easily hold up to this type of use or if you already have a Spray on you can just put the Dual Liner right over top. The Dual Liner was designed to offer a higher level of protection than any other bed liner on the market. This affords you the ability to use your truck to haul even the most extreme cargo. If you want to haul logs, bricks, cinder blocks or anything else that would otherwise ruin your

Close Up Showing the Thickness Of A Spray On!

Spray On GO AHEAD. It doesn’t take long and you will be showing off how the exact fit panels protect the trucks sheet metal as well as how the Zero Skid Bed Mat holdsĀ  the cargo in place. The ability to use your truck to haul whatever you want whenever you want to is very valuable to most truck owners.


The fact that the Dual Liner bed liner acts like a time capsule for your trucks bed is going to pay huge dividends when you go to sell your truck or when you trade it in. Can you afford not to get the Dual Liner in your truck?

Common Bed Liner Problems

DuraLiner Drop In Bed Liner Thrown Away

A bed liner is probably the most important purchase you can make to keep your truck looking great.

There are many choices when it comes to bed liners, drop-ins and spray ons are two of the most prevalent, and they both have their own bed liner problems.

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